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For almost 25 years, the Parkinson Foundation has been funding basic scientific research into the cause of Parkinson’s disease. After all, prevention is better than cure. Thorough research into the cause, consequences, treatments and solutions is expensive and takes time. And it is desperately needed – especially now that Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing brain disease and is being diagnosed more often in younger people.

Only the very best research is eligible:

We receive many research requests each year, which we want to honor as much as possible. However, not without the approval of our international Scientific Advisory Board, composed of the absolute top parkinsonian neurologists.

We have recently approved the following studies:

Name: Dr. F. Dijkstra (Belgium)
Title study: Is isolated REM-sleep-without-Atonia a very early (earlier than REM Sleep Behavior Disorder prodromal stage of Parkinson’s disease?- the search for the beginning of PD
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2024
Amount: € 240.000

Name: Prof. Dr. I Huitinga (NL)
Title study: Facilitation of post-mortem research of Parkinson’s Disease, Lewy Body Disease and Parkinsonism- a continuation
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2024
Amount: € 100.000

Name: Dr. T. Koeglsperger (Germany)
Title study: Investigating the effect of alpha-synuclein on the composition and function of the autophagosomal SNARE complex
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2025
Amount: € 216,039

Name: Prof. Dr. K. Leenders (NL)
Title study: Normalizing FDG-PET brain scans of Parkinson’s disease patients using machine learning
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2025
Amount: € 194.707

Name: Dr. W. Mandemakers (NL)
Title study: Human Midbrain Organoids to study Parkinson’s disease
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2025
Amount: € 326.000

Name: Prof. R. de Bie (NL)
Title study: A randomized controlled trial of bilateral and thalamic stimulation in patients with Parkinson’s disease and impulse control disorders- STIMPulseControl
Period: 1-9-2022/ 1-9-2026
Amount: € 158.563


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If you have any questions, please contact Lex Knobben, director Stichting ParkinsonFonds. Via e-mail: or by phone +31 23 – 554 0754.